Prefab Homes

Pro’s Edge – Prefab homes for Massachusetts (MA) and New Hampshire (NH)

Pro’s Edge Quality Homes is a modular home builder serving Massachusetts (MA) and New Hampshire (NH) with custom prefab homes. The prefabricated homes we build are of the highest quality and custom designed to meet each homeowner’s specific needs.

Why go with a prefabricated home? A prefab home can be built quicker than traditional homes and still meet your specific needs. With costs controlled and a reduction in delays from weather and subcontractors, a modular home provides homeowners with a better value.

As a modular home builder we believe in providing a quality product so we’ve partnered with some of the top brand names in the country that are incorporated into our homes. Pro’s Edge Quality Homes is proud to be associated with Professional Building Systems one of the leading manufacturers of modular homes. They have hundreds of designs to choose from for single and multi-family homes or can creates something from an architect’s design or from scratch. PBS Homes are also considered to be green home Prefab home interior builders. So if you’re looking for Green home builders in Massachusetts or New Hampshire then look to Pro’s Edge.

By having Pro’s Edge build a prefab home for you and your family you are not limiting your design options, you’re limiting your overall costs. All of our modular homes are energy efficient which will keep you and your family more comfortable with the additional benefit of lower heating bills. Plus the benefit of maintenance free.