Tom Williams

Ed Cavatorta chose a great name for his firm. He and his associates are more professional and of higher quality than any other construction firms I have contracted with commercially or residentially. There are two aspects of quality in a residential project, the structure itself and the finish work.

In our case, the design of and the structure itself, are second to none. The finish work causes jaws to drop with all who visit our home. The above traits are far above normal, but they do not begin to tell the whole story. Companies have personalities. Good people gravitate towards one another. Honorable people work with quality associates.

Ed’s associates are high quality, good and honorable people. They all go above and beyond, not only in their work, but in their respect of the customer. My wife is ill, and every person that came on the job respected and strove to make her comfortable.

The house has been completed for over a year. I still call Ed with questions. He always responds the same as he did at the start of the project, with enthusiasm and kindness.